Boarding Kennels and Cattery between Berry and Nowra on the South Coast

Here at Meroo Kennels and Cattery, we believe your dog or cat’s enjoyment to roam and play with like minded dogs is a MUST!  After all it’s their holiday too.

Meroo Kennels and Cattery is a free ranging dog and cat boarding farm.  It is very important to allow your dog to free range with other like minded pooches.  Being locked in a cage ALL day and ALL night would be mind numbingly BORING! Your cat will also get some time in the outdoor and fully fenced yard, well away from the dogs.

As long as we have owned this kennel we have ALWAYS had your pooch out with like minded pooches ALL day.  We get them up at about 8am where they are immediately let out into large grassed, fenced off areas.  But how do they all get on? – you ask.  Better than humans!  We supervise our visiting pooches to ensure they get along well with each other.  We have the facility to separate dogs into different yards based on size, temperament, and/or whether they have been desexed.

The happiness and safety of your pet is our priority.